Friday, February 17, 2012

Hi all, its a dreary day here in Jacksonville and everyone is up and out. 
Today is a trip to Gainesville, Fl and that mean knitting for me. Its about a two hour trip and I am the taxi while my husband and son are in admissions and multiple other various offices on campus. So I sit and knit until they call.
I have two projects going now, one is the Sheep Heid and the other is the Dragon's Eye scarf.
I have started this scarf twice and ripped it out. I am not the most lace ept knitter in the world by dang it, I am going to make it and make it work. 
So when I cast on this time I will have plenty of stitch markers and convince myself to slow down. I often find myself just speeding along and then I screw up. I think this is partially to blame for being a continental knitter. I feel like I am in robotic motion and just take off. I love the result but the mistakes can mean start overs, and over and over....
Oh well will let you know how it goes.....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday 2.7.2012

So today is a good day I have just finished the scarf for Heike in Germany and I am ready to ship when she is. It turned out beautiful and I
hope she likes it.

You know, I started to think today how worried I was about exchanging a gift with such a talented knitter. She has been knitting for 30 years
and I wondered what will she think of what I have made? Getting a little nervous about it I looked my project over once and then again and
remembered that she too once was a novice, and I think she will know that I tried my best. The color is vibrant like my new friend and the
pattern, simple but complicated. Love to you Heike I hope you enjoy it.

Now I can start back on Rebas hat... Oh yeah I havent introduced you to Reba yet.... will do that tomorrow.

Everyone I talk to lately seems to have a little bug or something. Remember everyone to wash, wash, wash your hands and dont
touch your face until you have washed your hands.

In this complicated world remember there is a wife who found out that her husband has cancer today,
there is a husband that found out that his wife has cancer today, there are parents that found out that
their child has cancer today .... And someone found out that a loved one only has weeks to live. Pray for
those who have had a much worse day than we did today.

Remember, any day you have on the right side of the dirt is a good day.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Start Blogging

Hello everyone,
Thanks to my new friend Heike from Germany I have started a blog.

I have been married for 25 years and have a 17 year old son who is graduating from highschool this year. He will also graduate with his AA this April. We have two dogs,
Snazzy(12) a yellow lab and Majella(4) a cairn terrier. My husband is a veterinarian and I am a Registered Nurse. My son aspires to be a veterinary specialist.

My hobby is knitting: and that is what this blog is about......
     I have been knitting for almost 3 years and I have tried many different projects most finished and some not so much. I have tried several different yarns but have not experienced the laces yet. So this is where I start, right now I am working on a scarf exchange with a group on Ravelry and Heike is the recipient, so I cant tell which one it is but when it is finished and she receives it in cold weather Berlin, Germany I will post the pictures. Its looking good and I am very excited. I can say that the color is vibrant and the pattern is looooooooong.

I look forward to posting and hope to hear from you.